JetPack Joyride, quite simply put is almost the most fun you can have using a single digit and with a lead character called Barry, why are you still reading this and not downloading it right now?  Gameplay is beyond simple and yet utterly compelling.  Barry Steakfries is propelled into the sky with his machine gun get pack in a perpetually side scrolling affair with a simple aim of getting to the end… if there is one.

JetPack JoyRide Boot JetPack Joyride : Theres addictive and then theres JetPack Joyride

To spice thing’s up the game set’s goals from collecting a set amount of coins t riding a power up beyond a certain limit.  Along the way power ups are collectable as well as spin coins.  Power ups come in the form of different flying machines such as the “teleporter”, “cuddles” (the dragon from never ending story) and the hog, right out of terminator 2.  Some are a little more helpful than others as you will easily find out form the gravity suite.

Your progress from left to right isn’t that easy as along the way plenty of obstacles are out to help you meet a face plant into the floor.  So far the obstacles I’ve encountered in a week of playing have been orbs, lasers, laser orbs, orbs spinning with a lazer in between them and all at differing speeds and positions on the screen.

Coins are collected but these aren’t for the simple pleasure of points.   Coins make prizes and upgrades and as of right now I’m trying to beat a personal best of 3k meters with my laser Jetpack.

You know those games that make you say out loud ‘just one more go before…”  this is it.  The graphics are the usual hyperbole of adjectives such as brilliant, bright, fluid and well animated.  There is a certain sense of retro yet it’s not a game that revels in that sense.  16 bit, retro ish and chunky would perhaps be the best definition I could come up with any ways.

Jetpack Joyride – Halfbrick Studios is available from badge appstore sm JetPack Joyride : Theres addictive and then theres JetPack Joyride

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