Apple fanatics can rejoice as there is now Cupidtino dating is an app designed to help in the quest to meet someone with similar interests, even if it is just all things Apple. Cupidtino have released an App version of their website.

Cupidtino is the first ever “Mac-inspired” dating site. It’s goal is to bring Apple fans and lovers of beautiful hardware and software design together.

20120119 173338 Cupidtino App   Meet the Apple Fanboy or Fangirl of your dreams

What makes Cupidtino a little different to most other dating websites, rather than simply asking that hardest question of all on dating sites to “Tell us about yourself”. your profile consists of answering questions like;

What you do for a living? (how do you pay for all your Apple stuff?)
When did you become “a Mac”? (were you ever on the “dark side”?)
Cool facts about you (watch Glee? can you separate egg whites?)

All to be answered within a 300 character limit. Great news if you struggle on things such as that like myself. As we all know however most of the time it’s all down to the profile picture but that’s a different story. You can add your life story in a separate box but it’s the smaller facts which appear inside the app.

Cupidtino Profile Cupidtino App   Meet the Apple Fanboy or Fangirl of your dreams

To boost your profile, pictures are uploaded from the standard, take a new picture or upload an existing one.  Why does “holding an idevice at arms length and taking a pic” seem to be the standard for taking pictures anyone?

In keeping with the simplicity is key mantra, searching in the Cupidtino app is a sinch as well, broken down into what you are seaching for, where, age and last login date.

At the moment there’s not much out there for the UK and some of the cities are missing as well (Cardiff) and perhaps if they had all the cities where Apple store’s were location that would be a tie in as well.

I like this app despite the lack of UK signup at the moment.  Cupidtino is a refreshing take on dating without the spam, hassle and extortionate fees which go hand in hand with online date.

The Cupidtino App is available from the App Store for free

Cupidtino’s website

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