iFusion SmartStation Dock acts as a base station for iPhone users featuring a full duplex speakerphone, so everyone can hear you working on that “really big deal” in your loudest speakerphone voice and telephone handset coupled in with a bit of bluetooth as well.

Let’s face it the iPhone is everywhere these days.  Look at the tube, parks, colleges and in businesses which is where the iFusion SmartStation Dock would be most at home.  These days most tend to pick up an iPhone before using the traditional desktop phone and especially in the of case of business users.

Because the iFusion also provides power, battery charging and data synchronization, the iPhone truly can be used as the single business communications device.

What is going to appeal to business sectors is using the dock in conjunction with iPhone business PBX applications – such as AltiGen’s MaxMobile, Cisco Mobile 8.1 or Avaya one-X Mobile – the desktop phone is truly obsolete.

Key Features:

Integrated Bluetooth technology delivers rich audio quality
Powerful full duplex speakerphone for hands free conversations
Comfortable, ergonomically designed telephone handset
Embedded iPhone dock provides power and battery charging
USB port enables data synchronization with a Mac or PC
Audio line out to connect external stereo speakers

Works with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S.   We wonder what the Bluetooth connectivity is all about?

We’ve reached out to iFusion to see if we can get our hands on a review iFusion SmartStation and take some real world pictures.  Soon as we hear anything we’ll update this article.

More details can be found at thefusionphone.com



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