DS1 image text 600x276 Matrox DS1 Thunderbolt docking station supercharges your MacA while ago on the podcast we discussed the future of mac gaming and realised that thunderbolt could be the key to enabling those fancy dan, high end graphics card gaming experiences. Imagine a macbook air hooked to a thunderbolt graphic card. Well seems that Matrox might be heading down that route.

Some of us will remember those massive clunky docks from yesteryear that adorned corporates alike, causing no hassle for the IT department.  The Matrox DS1 is a thunderbolt take on the docking station allowing the usual peripherals to be attached but also a HDMI display.

Data chewers are catered for with a gigabit Ethernet port (18 times faster than Wi-Fi).  USB is thrown into the mix alongside two USB 2.0 ports, a microphone input, and a speaker/headphone output, all of which can connect to a Thunderbolt MacBook or Ultrabook with just one cable.

As with most mac accessories, the Matrox DS1 has a solid aluminum construction that the company said is ideal for office, home or dorm use.  No word on the UK pricing as yet but it will be available at authorized dealers in September for $249 U.S.

“Today’s MacBooks and Ultrabooks are powerful enough for most corporate users but their limited connectivity makes them inconvenient, and their small screens and keyboards make them uncomfortable to use in the office all day,”

said Alberto Cieri, senior director of sales and marketing at Matrox.

“The new Matrox DS1 docking station easily enables the creation of an ergonomic workspace and brings much-needed expandability for printers, scanners, storage, smartphones, optical drives, cameras, flash drives, and other peripherals.”

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