The new iPad is a technological marvel, faster, better graphics processing and that lucious retina display but there is still one thing the iPad shares in common with every single tablet on the market. How to sit on the sofa (or couch) without adopting the one leg over the other position that invariably leads to more fidgeting than a small child on a sugar rush.

Padpro Intro PadProp iPad Stand   Sit and consume in comfort
Introducing the PadProp and it’s fair to say it’s more than a little different from conventional iPad stands.  This is what the website has to say.

Padprop is a simple and extremely portable iPad stand designed for all occasions. Whether commuting on the train, at your desk in the office, sharing with friends and family, or relaxing on the sofa, Padprop can do it all.

Styling wise it bears more than a passing resemblance to some bullhorns you’d find mounted in a texas state household but it all serves a purpose in both holding the iPad secure and for the sitting down bit which we’ll come to shortly.  The PadProp weighs in at a barely recognisable 50grams so luggability certainly isn’t an issue here.

PadProp Top Down Shot 640x344 PadProp iPad Stand   Sit and consume in comfortConstructed out of EVA moulded foam it’s managed quite happily survived a week on the road, in the cramped confinements of my rucksack. At the back you’ll see a thoughtful touch of a headphone holder.

The PadProp slides down from the top, or bottom of your iPad and depending on the placement, decides the viewing angle of the iPad.  This means it’s completely flexible, not limited to the confines of certain viewing angles that happens with other stands.

The tight grip means it doesn’t budge an inch and thanks to the foam construction it scratches wont be caused by the PadProp itself more likely any gunk you haven’t cleaned off could cause a blemish.

padprop backside 600x327 PadProp iPad Stand   Sit and consume in comfortIt did take a little amount of effort to get the PadProp in place and I’ve read some other reviews saying it needed a bit of muscle. If you have to force anything onto an iPad then something really wrong is happening.  After a few weeks of usage I was more than comfortable sliding it on and off as needed.

Sit And Consume In Comfort

As you can see form the below picture, this is one of it’s intended usages.  I was able to fidget, sit in a slouched position and all without the worry of the iPad careening towards the floor.

PadProp in use 640x480 PadProp iPad Stand   Sit and consume in comfort

The PadProp grips well enough so that when you’re typing or using the iPad in general it doesn’t start sliding down your legs.  The “horns” that comes round front of the iPad don’t interfere at all with the screen aside from those times when it was covering the home button.  It’s also been tested by yours truly on the iPad 3 which is a little snugger fitting but still does the job wonderfully.

As with all things like this there are a few gotchas.  I found myself covering the home button more than once with the pad prop positioning yet not so much so it became and intrusive annoyance.  The looks and styling are subjective, some of my friends said it looks like something you would find on a budget shopping channel.  Obviously this is a portrait only mode gizmo for the iPad


Quite often you see gadgets or gizmos similar to this on those late night shopping channels, you know the channels that do the hard sell leaving you disappointed when you get the thing they are selling  I was sceptical about the PadPro but you know what, this actually works.  I was able to sit down in my normal slouched positioning, like I guess a lot of other people would position themselves at, with the pad happily sat there whist I poked and podded my way through the weeks emails.

The PadProp is available directly from the PadProp website or other online retailers and pricing is around £14.99

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