Theres no doubt about it that those shiney, shiney windows phones have an attractive and clean interface, live tiles is a radical UI departure from Nokia / Microsoft and now the Microsoft owned Skype is now available for those phones which support it.

Yet it seems to miss some of the basic features that we come to expect from Skype..  Here’s what you can and can’t do with Skype 1.0 for windows phones

What you can do with Skype 1.0 for windows phone.

Skype video and voice calls over 3G and WiFi
Seach for and add contacts
Make calls to landlines

What you can’t do with Skype 1.0 for windows phone.

Receive Skype phone calls unless the app is running. It doesn’t work in the background what so ever.
Use a Bluetooth headset.
Send a Skype SMS.
No support for retrieving Skype voice messages.
Some long messages may also not display correctly in the 1.0 version. Microsoft has not given any indication on when these rather large issues will be resolved.

You may experience issues for those windows phones which only have 256mb internally available. It will work but mileage may vary

I’d class this as a fail for what could and should of been a flag ship app for Windows phones.

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