Tascam IM2 First Tascam iM2 Portable Condensor Mic, First look and Sample Sounds

There’s times when it’s simply easier to make a recording than to start writing down things or perhaps you want to capture some ambient noise, sound effects or something similar. Sure the built in microphone will do the job but at times you need something a little more suited to the task and that’s there the Tascam iM2 comes in.

This unit arrived on my desk a while ago and for one reason or another this is a touch late but this does mean we’ve had a good long while to test it.  Before a final review is posted, here’s the first look.

What makes this better than the internal iPhone microphone is the use of dual directional, condenser microphones. Condenser microphones have a better sound pick up and sensitivity than traditional types and without going into the mumbo jumbo this makes for potentially better recordings. Couple that with the directional nature of those twin microphones, you can make sure you record what you want not and not all the other noise around you.

As this is a first look there’s no better way to let you know the quality of this than with a few recordings. So I set out and about on my travels with the Tascam iM2, recording samples as I went along.

These samples haven’t been modified or tinkered with at all.  I’m no sound engineer and opted for default settings using the updated Tascam PCM recording software.   The iPhone records in mono but I did ensure Tascam iM2 recordings were in stereo to give a comparison against the iPhone’s abilities.

Lend Me Your Ears.

First up. Sat on a beach with the waves rolling in.

iPhone 4s Beach Recording

Tascam iM2 Beach Recording

Another sound effect test.  This time starting and revving of my beleaguered car.

Tascam iM2 Microphone : Diesel Car Start

iPhone Microphone : Diesel Car Start

Couple of small review notes.

Yes it works with garageband… kinda.  That VU meter barely moves which is extremely offputting trying to get levels just right.

Yes it works when recording video with the iPhone…. with a gotcha.  You’re limited to portrait mode to get left, right sound channels.  Landscape mode leaves you recording up / down sound.

I’ll go into all this and more when the final review is posted.

A full Tascam iM2 Microphone Review has now been posted for your enjoyment 😀


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