This has been driving me mad for the last few weeks. For some reason if you select 802.11n (5GHZ mode) and set the channel to be automatic you get the dreaded Invalid Radio Channel error message. It’s there in the drop down box so why on earth is it invalid? The solution is incredibly simple.

Step by step to solve the Invalid Channel when using Airport Express

  1. Start up Airpot Utility and go into the wireless options
  2. On the network you are PRESENTLY using, set the channell to automatic
  3. Click save, update, let the airport exress reboot
  4. Go back into airport utlity, wireless options
  5. Select 802.11n only (5Ghz) and Radio Channel = Automatic
  6. Click save, update, let the airport express reboot.
  7. Job done.

I’d been pulling my hair out for ages on this one. Hope this helps someone out there.

FYI. The iPad works fine on the 5gz spectrum but iPhones don’t seem to fair as well.

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