Mailtab Not Working 173x300 MailTab Broken Due To Gmail UpdateIt seems that the Gmail update for the iPhone has had some unexpected repercussions, breaking the Mailtab Desktop client.

Oddly enough, the application still plays a notification noise when mail is received.

It’s not the first time that Mailtab has faced this issue BUT and I have to stress BUT they are normally very quick to find a solution for this program.

As always we will keep you updated.

Well we sent Mailtab an e-mail and got an immediate reply.

This is an issue with Gmail’s abuse systems. We are working with google to get a solution in place soon.


Update 2  – 1st July

Seems the fixing fairies have done their job well and it’s now back up and running.  Although it looked broken it seems that clicking the Home Tab at the bottom right of the app refreshed “stuff” and we’re back!

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