mophi pack Mophie juice pack air iPhone battery gets snappy.


Mophie recently announced the availability of a new design for their highly popular and useful juice pack air battery extender for iPhone 4. The Mophie juice pack air snap case (US$79.95) is available at Apple Stores and other retailers, and while it still offers virtually double the battery capacity of the stock iPhone 4, the new design makes it easier to access all of the switches and ports of the smartphone.

The previous incarnation of this juice pack splits at the top of the phone which leads to being a complete pain in the ass when you need to do anything involving a dock, ie everything.  Taking the case off isn’t that bad but for the impatient types like me, just a little too much work.  The old design did incorporate openings for the volume and the headphone was obviously available..

The new Juice air is a new experience with the bottom of the case detaching meaning you can dock the phone easily without taking off the entire thing.  4 Led charging lights are still present letting you know charge status and the PC friendly USB mini port is stil there.

So now it’s just a choice of what carrier do you wan’t to hand over your hard beans to for your mobile calls and texts..

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