No one could complain that WWDC wasn’t packed to the rafters with new features. With so much to discuss instead of our usual episode we’ve gone ahead and done a 2 parter Barry, Karl and myself discuss the points of WWDC whilst going decidedly off topic in places.  Spectrum vs C64 and alternative uses for a hot tub amongst others.

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Part One

Part Two

WWDC in Ten Minutes
If you want to get all of the major points in an easily digestible, Karl’s found a 10 minute rundown of WWDC

Talking points

  • Instant app launching
  • Introducing Scribble
  • More Watch Faces
  • Mini Mouse
  • Numerals interface
  • Activity interface
  • SoS on Apple Watch.
  • Localised emergency numbers called.
  • How “easy” will it to accidentally activate this feature. Ie if running and a band rubs against the button?
  • Enhanced Activity and Workout
  • Breathe – Well spotted Serenak in our Decoding the coding article.
  • Realtime access to fitness and movement data.
  • Apple Pay Within Watch Apps
  • Fitness Apple now be able to run the background during workouts enabling access to real-time heart rate information and motion data. This is going to enable a whole new category fitness apps on the watch.
  • Sprite and Scene Kit On Apple Watch
  • Auto unlock
  • Universal clipboard
  • Desktop available across devices via iCloud
  • Optimised storage
  • Get rid of files you’ll never need again 20gb free to 120gb
  • is this like that spammy program you all laughed at me for installing (clean my mac or soething)
  • Apple pay to the web
  • Done via a style sheet on the browser (safari only?)
  • uses continuity on iphone to authenticate
  • picture in picture
  • All apps or just those that sign up?
  • Siri on mac

Remove built-in apps from the Home screen on your iOS device with iOS 10 beta – Apple Support –

Nemo’s hardware store

Johns back with us again this week, casting his critical eye over some new cases for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Otterbox My Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Cases – Otterbox / Amazon

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Worth A Chirp

Barry : iPad longevity – just recycled ipad mini to my muva. It’s a brave new world and she is loving it.

Karl : Drop Flip by BorderLeap – iTunes

Drop Flip is a delightful game packed with silly physics contraptions! Move, flip and manipulate obstacles of every shape and size as you accomplish the not-so-simple task of dropping a ball into a bucket

Mark : Anti biotics because i’m ill…

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