After unscheduled maintenance the Rampant Mumblings podcast returns.  Episode 38 is a catchup one.

In this episode, available on iTunes, TuneIn & Spreaker

How my podcasting setup has changed.
There’s been a significant upgrade to the podcasting experience that should mean an end to podcasts being produced in an airfield and the horrendous amount of wind shear problems.

And in no particular order I would like to thank the following people.

Shure SM58 – Bought from Amazon, recommended by @SFDrummer and @claw1010

Apogee Duet Firewire Audio Interface – Thank you Stephen Byer From the MacReview Cast

Firewire 400 – 800 Cable: Thanks to Matt from The Mac&Forth Show
Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. Once again thanks to Matt.
Soundboard – Thanks to a good friend.

But a special metnion goes to the chap who help me setup Audio Hijack Pro, spent time going through audacity with me. And that’s Karl Madden (@claw1010) from the Mac&Forth Show

Apps to make the fit bit experience more pleasurable.
A couple of people have kindly tweeted in with their recommendations to make it bit more integrated with Apple health and to stop it counting steps whilst I’m driving.

DriveBit – InnoWire UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

Spotify running and the new concerns about Spotify terms and conditions.

Another small update on using the new Spotify running feature. Update: it’s still a gigantic fail. A quick look at the new terms and conditions on what data Spotify collects.

A very quick trial with the run keeper DJ mode.
Very quick because I listen to streaming music and it will only work with music that is held locally on your phone.

Dragon Dicate 5 Presentation
Didn’t have time to cover this but you can watch the full presentation on YouTube. Small write up on the event is here tho.



Knows his stuff
iTunes – New Watch Owner from USA on July 27, 2015
A voice i enjoy listening to. Hope he continues to make more!

Interesting fellow!
iTunes – LazyBonsai from USA on July 22, 2015
Really interesting fellow with very strong opinions – love to listen to his reviews the most, since he’s quite good at breaking down products into the essential elements and providing logical reasoning as to why a product succeeds or fails. Would love to hear more reviews as part of Rampant Mumblings!

How you can get in touch.
Twitter: @Oceanspeed
via latched and search for the user Oceanspeed.

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