Wednesday is podcast day and I’m part of the panel that makes up the Mac and Forth podcast. This week Vincent from the iOS app Latched joins us and tells us all about what it’s like to develop a social podcasting app.

This weeks superstar line up consists of Ric, Matt, Barry and Karl and Vincent Sung, developer of the Social Podcasting app, Latched, to share their thoughts…Well, the guests will probably be ok but we’ll be amazed if the regulars manage one cohesive thought among them…still, hope strings eternal.

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In this weeks show

Tell us about Latched.
We pose questions to Vincent asking about the development and hurdles of dealing with Apple.  Also some questions about the UI and how people use Latched.

To join in the with question of the week follow this link to download Latched once installed search for Mac&forth in the trending tab

Proof that Apple is building a car…maybe.
The last bastion of journalism, the Guardian, joins the Apple rumor mill bandwagon

Smart Windshield, dumb stories.
Gene Munster must be loving this one as another rumor claims Apple are investing in making 56” heads up displays.

Teenage Terror.
Luca Todesco, an Italian teenager who embarks on security research in his spare time, has released intricate and in-depth details of what’s known as a ‘zero-day vulnerability’ within Apple’s OS X 10.9.5 and OS X 10.10.5 platforms, Mavericks and Yosemite .

Musical Ads.
Musical Ads.Like the iPod ads of old, the new YouTube spots show off Apple’s creative cool by highlighting both popular and up-and-coming musical acts, with the tagline “All the artists you love and are about to love, all in one place.”

Bling Bling on your Ring Ring.
As far as the Brikk iPhone 6S price is concerned, the handset’s starting price is reportedly $7,995. Upon choosing various high-end options, the device will cost an arm and a leg at about $199,995.

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Karl: Marvel Puzzel Quest
Matt: BioLite CampStove
Vincent: Latched
Ric: USB Wall Socket
Mark: Presence: Free smart home motion detector webcam for security, surveillance, and energy
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