The Colcoa iPhone and iPad sleeves look so good and with a design that nestles your phone so snuggly that you wish it came in a human style for you to wear.  You might have guessed but I’m more than taken back with the Unitah iPhone sleeve.  The Colcoa sack range of cases are natural protective sleeves that protect with style.

ColcaSac UniTah iPhone Sleeve Box 640x480 ColcaSac Unitah iPhone 4 / 4s Sleeve Reviewed

iPhone sleeves or cases are often ten a penny so it takes something with more of a unique spin on something existing to stand out and this is exactly where the team from ColcaSac are going right. In a competitive market place it’s getting harder and harder to find a unique selling point and ColcaSac have succeeded down the environmental and friendly route. Even the quickest glances at the website makes you want to read and understand  exactly what the product is. So what is the product?

The iPhone sleeve is exactly that, a padded sleeve to protect your iPhone from the trials and tribulations of daily life.   Don’t think of the sleeve as being a protective case but more as a 2nd line of defence when carrying your phone around in a bag, leaving it in the office or sliding around in the passenger seat of a car.

ColcaSac Unitah iPhone Sleeve 640x480 ColcaSac Unitah iPhone 4 / 4s Sleeve Reviewed

As we mentioned earlier, the iPhone slides easily into the sleeve keeping it safe and snug away from the elements. It’s grip isn’t enough to stop your iPhone falling out if held upside down but it doesn’t mean the phone will come sliding out, heading floor first, when being held or rested at an angle.

On the inside of the sleeve the job of protecting your phone is performed by some fairly hefty fleece lining.  Keeping with the whole natural and environmentally friendly theme the fleece is made from natural cotton and apparently hand loomed in the Oaxaca province of Mexico.

So not only does it look great, along with the bonus of cleaning off some of the easier to remove fingerprint marks from the screen and the back you can purchase this product being safe and sound in the knowledge that you are helping somebody somewhere.

Although a snug fit it can just about accommodate the Apple bumper cases but anything more than that is going to be a tight squeeze.

Colcal UniTah Sleeve With iPhone ColcaSac Unitah iPhone 4 / 4s Sleeve Reviewed

The actual outside of the case is made from organic hemp which is grown in China.  If you take a glance to the website you can see just how much they care about everything being as organic and pesticide free as possible.

Colcal UniTah Sleeve Without iPhone ColcaSac Unitah iPhone 4 / 4s Sleeve Reviewed

“Hemp is grown naturally without pesticides, is easy on the soil, and is nature’s strongest natural fibre (if you don’t count the spider web).”


[pullquote_left]If you are not satisfied with one of our products, just send it back to us for a replacement, repair, or refund.[/pullquote_left] Just in case the ecological credentials, the look and range of available styles aren’t enough to whet your appetites each Colca Sleeve comes with 100% guarantee promise and they aren’t shy to mention that fact either. As you can see on the buoyant picture they guarantee everything they make to meet your expectations and if it doesn’t you can send it back for replacement or refund is no questions asked.


Finding a downside to this sleeve has been a challenge. Obviously style is subjective to everyone and this might so may not be your cup of tea but they do have a whole range of colours and styles to choose from. It does a great job of protecting the front and back of your phone and if I had to make one negative observation, the side of the phone is not well protected for a drop

After this product, the Jack Bauer iPad messenger bag is big on my wish-list.

The ColcaSac Range of iPad Sleeves and iPhone sleeves are available direct from the ColcaSac website and they ship worldwide.

And coming soon.  The review of their iPad3 sleeve,

IMG 0375 640x480 ColcaSac Unitah iPhone 4 / 4s Sleeve Reviewed

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