Essential Apple Podcast 51: Madden, Madness, Microsoft Paint, $4m an Hour and the Most Expensive Watch in the World!

Karl Madden, host of the Mac & Forth Show and the Here ‘N’ There Show, founding member of this podcast AND one of the biggest reasons Simon ended up getting into podcasting and becoming co-host, joins Simon while Mark is off “enjoying” a 100 mile cycle ride in London.

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IDC: Smartwatches See YOY Decline in 2Q2016. Apple Watch Still Going Strong

IDC is out with some fairly useless smartwatch numbers for Q2 2016. Useless, because companies tend to not actually say how many smartwatches they’ve sold, yet there’s IDC saying it for them. Still it does give us an idea of where the industry analysts think smartwatches are or where they think they’re going. Engadget and MacRumors both ran reports on the IDC release, They say Apple is leagues ahead of runner-up Samsung, though Samsung is believed by the firm to have played a bit of catch-up.

The MacRumors piece says Samsung did close the gap with strong 51% year-over-year growth and a nine-point rise in market share. Big as that sounds, Samsung only sold 600,000 smartwatches in the June quarter, according to the firm.

Apple on the other hand sold nearly three times as many of its watches, yet still managed to lose market share. IDC says the Cupertino company sold 1.6 million of its wearables last quarter. Think back and we will remember that comparing Apple Watch sales for Q2 2016 to sales for Q2 2015 is sort of silly. That’s because Q2 2015 was the first quarter of Apple Watch availability, landing on the heels of over a year of rumor and over six months of hype. The Engadget piece says the lack of updated hardware is a key reason for the drop in numbers for smart watches overall. It’s unclear though whether that’s IDC’s supposition or Engadget’s.

Watch OS 3 – The Watch OS we’ve been waiting for?

So now we know Apples plans for the watch for the fall thanks to the recent WWDC event. Just in case you missed it here’s the round up from WWDC

Apple really feels that people who are using Apple watch love it, particularly for quick glances, information and quick interactions and have taken heed of the frustrations of launching an app and waiting. In their own words “our top focus is performance.”

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Third-Party Apple Watch Straps That Won’t Break The Bank

I love my Apple Watch. There, I said it. The device has had many detractors since it was first announced, some of them reasonable and some not. Personally it is the best watch I have ever owned. The two main reasons being Apple Pay and notifications. Obviously all of its other functions are also valuable, but these two features really make the device invaluable for me.

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Gartner Wearables Are A Thing

Technology Research Company Gartner Suddenly Realises Smart Watches Are A Thing.

Hey guess what Gartner’s heard about smart watches, have you? CNET has the market tracker and predictor saying that Apple watches been popularizing wearables as a lifestyle trend. All hail the marketing might of Cupertino.

By Gartner’s reckoning smart watch sales came in at roughly 30 million units last year this year the firm expects smart watch sales of 50 million units rolling in the unit sales in 2017 of 66.7 million.

Mevenue for the segment is projected at 11 1/2 billion dollars this year climbing up to 17.5 billion by 2019 according to the firm.

Like the old days of smart phones versus feature phones, all smart watches will rake in more money per unit. The bigger pile of money today will be made by connected trackers.

Adding in activity trackers and similar devices money made in wearables rises from $11.5 billion mentioned earlier to $28.7 billion this year according to Gartner.

That sounds like we more feature wearables than Smart watches though Gartner predicts Smart watches will went out eventually since they can do what future trackers do and then some.

Just in case you arent sure who Gartner are, Gartner, Inc. is an American marketing, market research and advisory firm providing information technology related insight