This week we talk about joining the network, where are the iPad pros, digital audio workstations, why is there such a large leap from basic to pro, what about us mid range types? Wireless charging and those new Apple adverts on this week’s episode

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On this week’s show

  • More AirPod Agony
  • Working with Digital Audio Workstations
  • No Kremilinography on the WWDC invites this year
  • More rumbles on the iPhone 8
  • More rumbles about wireless charging
  • New iPad Advert – Short and snappy
  • Running an online shop with nothing more than an iPad Etsy
  • Microsoft and Blackberry market share
  • 4k Apple Tv

Nemo’s Hardware Store

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SmartOmi Smart Omi Wired or Wireless Hybrid Headphones – Amazon

What’s our AppSession this week?

PhotoScan – Scanner by Google Photos on the App Store
Boinx Software – Enjoy your Life.

Other bits and bobs

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