Sorry about that!  Just recently we’ve had unprecedented traffic on the site and so in an attempt to solve this issue we went about setting up a content delivery network, a way to split the load of the site traffic over multiple systems.  This however didn’t go quite to plan.

Site Issues A little bit of downtime there.Thankfully the tech boffins we keep locked up in the server room have now addressed these issues and we’re back.  You might have noticed a few site changes as well.  At the moment we are adopting the advert based model just bring in the pounds to feed the hamsters that provide the electricity for the hosting.

Unless otherwise stated, we purchase all review items ourselves for the sake of impartiality (check out this useless piece of junk if you want to see what we mean)

As a self confessed Adblock user myself I am more than aware of the passionate hatred for adverts as I block them myself however, a simple hover over the new advert system helps us out no end.

We welcome any feedback on the adverts and the new look in general!

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