Doctor who Season7f 730x365 600x300 Finally Someone Gets it. Dr Who Available Online Seconds After Showing
I’ve always said that if you want to reduce online show pirating reduce that time between a shows first airing and shows being available online in different countries. BBC have just announced that Dr Who will be available to Australia just mere seconds after the showing in the UK. You want to stop people torrenting shows? Make sure that theres no need to..

So what used to happen is that Dr Who shows here on a saturday night at about 7pm here in the UK on a saturday night and then a whole 7 days later that same show appears in OZ. That would of been just fine in a world without the internet but have you tried to avoid spoilers or keep yourself in suspense? You aren’t even safe from a basic news thread that will not doubt include some sort of spoiler.

ABC1 Controller Brendan Dahill’s canned statement about the decision to stream the show said “For Doctor Who fans, it is a fantastic opportunity.”

I know of more than a few people who, if they could, would hit up a legitimate source to grab their show which views elsewhere without the need to torrent them. I’d bet that most shows downloaded are viewed once and then discarded evermore.

We can only hope that traditional TV catches up to the world. IF you spend hundreds and thousands advertising a new series, you really expect one geographic to wait?

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