That’s a bit of a harsh title you might think, after all The Gadget Show shown here in the UK every Monday night has been about for a while now so how can they possibly be biased against the iPhone and indeed the iPad.

The clue game in this weeks episode where presenters were going out of their way to say tablet computers despite one product being designed, made and tested with an iPad. Oh yes the actual product name had the word iPad on there as well but yet the presenters still insisted on calling it a tablet.

Granted this might be a touch picky but I don’t recall any other products being so genericised like Apple. iPods are called MP3 players yet in clear view you can see the product, logo and the name of the item.

I have no issue here with phones being generalised as Smart phones or tablets being called just that however it’s hard not to take issue when a product designed and marketed by the makers for the iPad becomes generalised.


All that being said, any program that has Suzi Perry and Pollyanna Woodward is all ok in our books.

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