Glui is our go to app for screen capturing, annotating and grabbing a window with a simple click. version 1.2.2 comes with a new pixelation tool to hide information you don’t want to share.

What’s New in Glui Version 1.2.2

  • The new pixelation tool makes it easy to obfuscate parts of images that you don’t want to share, e.g. email addresses, names, etc.
  • The new “Image from Clipboard” feature let’s you quickly open images that you’ve copied to your clipboard from the menu bar, or via ⇧+⌘+7.
  • Removed the “Fullscreen Snapshot” as it was very rarely used. If you still want to capture the full screen you can do a crosshair snapshot and select the entire screen. Oh, and yes, I consider removing something an addition.
  • Annotations now “pop out” more with a subtle drop shadow.
  • Draw smoother freehand shapes with the improved pen tool.
  • Added “Save Image” to the share image menu.
  • Fixed an issue related to saving really big images.
  • Other minor improvements.

badge macappstore lrg Glui Screen Cap App On Sale And A New Pixelation ToolGlui is available from the Mac App Store for a bargain $.99 and is highly recommended.

Glui With Pixelation  1024x876 Glui Screen Cap App On Sale And A New Pixelation Tool

Glui is the simplest way to capture, annotate and share screenshots.

“The app is incredibly simple, no bells or whistles to be found, and it excels as a result.” — Macworld (4.5/5)
“An ultra-simple screenshot app that beats Skitch at it’s own game” — Cult of Mac
“Screenshotting for OS X made a delight, not a chore” — 9to5Mac

Key features:
• Capture screenshots or drag and drop existing images.
• Annotate with arrow, rectangle, pen, text and pixelate tool.
• Instantly upload to Dropbox and get a link to share, or drag/paste image into any other app.

Other features:
• Runs in the menu bar, the dock or both
• Responsive and clean sharing page
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Quick sharing via email, message, Twitter or Facebook
• Full upload history via the Finder
• Enhanced for Retina display
• Zero clutter

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