Barry lets you take full length screenshots of web pages in our built-in mobile browser and export them as an image to your Mac/Dropbox or any other app. This is much more than just a screenshot using the “home button + power button” combo. Source: Barry – Webpage Screenshot for iOS It’ll set you back 69p

Technically what you have here is an app using Safari for webpage rendering. Instead of featuring a fully fledged browser, you get a simple one with the option to capture as website. Once the page is loaded, hit the button and the site is saved.

It works really well capturing essentialmac’s responsive design as you can see.

Barry 1.0.4 for iOS Features

Save Webpages for iPhone and iPad
Save full length webpages
Barry makes it really simple to capture a full length webpage. We scroll the full length of the page and save it to an image for you to use.

Sharing. Sorted.
With exporting options including Email, Twitter, Dropbox upload, Save to Camera Roll and Copy to Clipboard — We will get your screenshots where they need to be.

Dropbox sharing included
We are big fans of dropbox! So we added the ability to upload directly into an App folder in your dropbox account. Now your webpage snaps are on your Mac too.

1366715690 How To Take Full Webpage Screenshot On iPhone / iPad

1366715923 How To Take Full Webpage Screenshot On iPhone / iPad

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