It seems that the age of speech recognition has been set alight by Siri.  Vlingo might have been getting all the attention recently as an alternative but Dragon Apps have been around a lot longer but with reduced functionality.  Dragon Dictation for Mac is a favourite app on the Mac for me right now so my ears pricked up when I came across Dragon Express.

Dragon Express Header Nuance Dragon Express, an attempt to bring Siri to the Mac?

Not having a chance to play with the app just yet it’s certainly shaping up to be an almost Siri like experience for the mac.  Command’s such as

Dragon Express Commands Nuance Dragon Express, an attempt to bring Siri to the Mac?

Dragon Express Commands Similar To Siri?

It seems to have a 1-up on Siri as the speech recognition is done locally, hence the 1.2gb file size but if experience is anything to go buy you won’t need uber powerful hardware.

On the downside there are already reports of Dragon Express failing to load. A quick gander at the support forums shows that the QT frameworks needs to be installed and Camtasia needs to be un installed before usage.

Lion already has similar functionality built into the OS, perhaps not as advanced but it won’t take long for those familiar with Apple Script to create something similar

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