We have a new winner in our Best iPhone 5 tariff. Virgin mobile UK gives you 1200 ANY network minutes, unlimited texts and 1gb for a paltry £12 a month and it’s a 30 day rolling contract.  It’s a normal sim but you can cut it down to micro sim size and it works. 

Those upload download speeds might not be the best but for where I live in the wilderness that’s nothing short of amazing.  You will need a sim cutter to get the blighter down to size and officially Virgin mobile UK don’t support the iPhone but it’s working well so far on my unlocked iPhone 4 16 gb.  We’ve put this article up to help those thinking of going for the tarrif but ask “Will a Virgin Sim Work In an iPhone?”

For this you need the following tool.  A sim cutter that you can pick up from ebay for just a few pounds

Virgin Sim to Micro Sim 1 586x440 Will a virgin mobile sim (uk) work in an iPhone

Pop the sim into the cutter making sure you get it the right way.  On my cutter there’s a nice image positioning image to help

Virgin Sim to Micro Sim Cutting 586x440 Will a virgin mobile sim (uk) work in an iPhone

A gentle squeeze later and this is what you end up with.

Virgin Sim to Micro Sim Finished Result 586x440 Will a virgin mobile sim (uk) work in an iPhone


Disclaimer Time.

This worked for me but be aware.  Virgin Mobile UK don’t officially support the iPhone however there is a nice active forum user base where you can find help for Virgin internet and email settings.

It’s been a month and it’s still working for me.  In the shack by the sea speeds are good but ping rates are considerably higher than that of Three.  The advantage here with Virgin is they do have a 2g fallback which makes it our Sim of the Year.

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