Sometimes you just want to fire up and app and start running. Or you want to forgo the complexities of other in-depth fitness apps and just know that a moment doing exercise beats sitting on the sofa. That’s where Vima Run for iOS comes in.

A while ago I reviewed Breeze and loved it for it’s simple yet gorgeous interface and that’s exactly what’s to like about Vima Run.

Getting going is a simple tap and what’s nice is the smoothly animated running man who;s active at the same time you are. When done hit stop then save.

Audio cues can be enabled that you can setup for information X minutes or Y miles. You’ll get feedback in your headset telling you your current time, distance, and speed.

After that then you can get into the nitty gritty of seeing what I believe are the basics yet with enough information to keep your informed.

Beginners and intermediates will appreciate seeing average speed and time. Calories are counted along with showing you just how high you’ve been. That’s it for stats, theres no heart rate monitoring

Pro Tip for watchOS 1:
Go to Apple Watch Settings on iPhone -> General -> Activate on Wrist Raise and select Resume Previous Activity

Vima Settings 1 Vima Run App   The Best Alternative Running App Youve Never Heard Off.
Vima Settings IAP Vima Run App   The Best Alternative Running App Youve Never Heard Off.

The only downside from using Vima over the others on the market is the lack of importing or exporting GPX files. As an example when I’m out on a good day I use Strava for when I’m feeling competitive. Other days Runkeeper but I’ll synch between the 2. So if you’re invested in either platforms you’d be starting from scratch

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