Whilst it may be a standard for the Internet, Adobe Flash also set a new standard for how quickly it can tax the CPU and drain your battery.

However the other day I made a simple discovery on how to reduce the CPU usage was watching any flash video. It seems that whilst watching a video and pressing right click to bring up the context menu your CPU usage can drop as much as 40%

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these 2 pictures.  The 1st one shows normal playback and CPU monitoring with the ever popular program iStat.

Adobe Flash Cpu usage Before How Stop Adobe Flash From Being Cpu Intensive (kinda)
Then, was watching a flash stream, I right clicked on the video to bring up the dialogue box and is you can see my CPU usage dropped from 61% to 37% in this one situation alone. Normally it’s maxing at 70 to 80 and it drops to below 40% with no frame rate or quality effect.

Adobe Flash CPU Usage After How Stop Adobe Flash From Being Cpu Intensive (kinda)

It’s not an elegant solution to the problem but one that does give you a little bit of CPU overhead.

Another example taken from a popular UK streaming site, tvcatchup.com.  As you can see the CPU meter on the right at the op is constant at it’s usage levels.

Flash Usage Before2 How Stop Adobe Flash From Being Cpu Intensive (kinda)

Now let do nothing more than a right click, let things settle and see what the cpu usage goes to..

Flash Usage After2 How Stop Adobe Flash From Being Cpu Intensive (kinda)

It’s dropped down to 36% and been stable at that level for quite a while now.  A colleague of mine also tested this on his intel rig and the same effect. A noticeable drop in the level of cpu usage.

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