Providing you have it turns on iCloud does a grand enough job of backing up your photos, well that’s till either run out of phone space and you need to free some device space up.  Here’s some suggestions on how to backup your photos online

Apple iCloud.

The good news is that it’ll back up 1000 of your latest pictures providing you haven’t hit the 5gb storage limit elsewhere.  There’s also the ability to share photos and streams where you can

The bad news is tat without the right apps, managing those backups (photo stream) is cumbersome and it doesn’t free up any actual space on your phone

How much?
If you hit the 5gb limit (and you will) you can expand to more to get everything backed up.

10GB : £14/year gives you 15GB total iCloud storage
20GB : £28/year gives you 25GB total iCloud storage
50GB : £70/year gives you 55GB total iCloud storage

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Good stuff : It’s free, letting you earn more space by referring friends.  There’s a nice desktop app to move photos onto their online storage location which frees up space.

The Bad : It gets a mite bit expensive when you start looking at getting additional storage.

How To Move Your Photos To Drop Box.

There’s a couple of ways to do this.  Most will be better off allowing dropbox to install the app on their system which will give you a folder that will synch to dropbox whenever something is placed in there.  You can of course upload via a browser window as well.

Dropbox Pricing

100 GB $8.25 per month = $99 per year
200 GB $16.60 per month = $199 per year
500 GB $41.60 per month = $499.30 per year
These prices are based on paying for the whole year; if users want to pay monthly the price goes up a couple dollars per month.

Google Drive

The Good : Plenty of free space, ability to upload via a browser, Apple devices supported to allow upload and download.  15GB of free space will keep 16GB iPhone / iPod / iPad users more than happy.

The Bad : It’s Google and you can bet in those terms and conditions there will be some scary elements.

15 GB free
100 GB $4.99 per month = $59.88 per year
200 GB $9.99 per month = $119.88 per year
400 GB $19.99 per month = $239.98 per year

Microsoft’s SkyDrive

Like most of the offerings here it’s more than just a place to dump your files and have them accessible on any other device you might have to hand.  Images can be uploaded via desktop / surface apps, via phone apps or by your browser.

7 GB free
50 GB $2.08 per month = $24.96 per year
100 GB $4.20 per month = $50.04 per year


An interesting choice as it lets you store UNLIMITED photos but only for a year. So if you start uploading pictures on march 30 2013 it’ll

SD $4.99 per month, or USD $49 per year.



It’s worth noting that most of these solutions support way more features than just a way to back up pictures from your iPhone to give you more space.

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