Netflix is a popular DVD streaming site in the USA but has a downside of needing some sort of verification that you are from the good old USA. It all starts with a pre paid credit card or you can use a UK one as I found out recently.

To sign up for a netflix account from the UK or other countries you’ll need to get a U.S. prepaid virtual VISA credit card from EntroPay (

The virtual VISA is basically like a real credit card except it’s prepaid. You can think of it as a giftcard/credit card. This card can be accepted anywhere just like a real credit card.

How EntroPay works

You sign up an account and create a virtual VISA card from EntroPay. This is free-of-charge.
You “charge up” the virtual VISA card from your personal VISA card. The charge up fee is 4.95% and the minimum charge up amount is $20.
After that, EntroPay will generate a VISA card for you to use with real card number, expiry date, and etc.

How to Sign up EntroPay

To get a U.S. credit card, first create an EntroPay account. Enter all real and accurate information. Be aware, under “Country”, enter your real country. Do not put “United States” unless your billing address is there. Sign up this card as you would like buying anything else online.

Once you get your virtual VISA card ready, turn on UnoTelly, make sure it’s working by going to Quick Start page. Once you verified everything is working, go to and sign up a free trial using your newly acquired U.S. virtual VISA card.

Important! Before you sign up Netflix, please check the bottom of the page to see if you are on the correct page. Netflix USA should says something “USA”, and Canada should say something “Canada”.

You do also need a UnoTelly account to access Netflix even tho you have completed the payment stage else you will get a “content not available from your location” error message.

Netflix is available in the uk

Correct it is however the content in the USA store is often more up to date and there are differences in their content as well.

Update 14th February.

UnoTelly has since rebranded itself as UnoDns.  We’ve covered this change.  It’s stil the same great service at an even better value now than before.

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  1. Awesome ! Finally find something that works without a glitch. I had been searching for months to get a decent solution and your website was the one that helped me out ! The registration with Entropay went smooth and is a gem !!! It works great and the rates are also low. Thanks once again…

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