Starbucks apple Starbucks giving out iOS apps for free with your beverage
Spotted the macbook in it's natrul territory... A coffee shop.

Coffee shops and mac users.  The 2 go together hand in hand and Starbucks lead the way with their partnership with apple.  Now this loving bond has been extended further with a free iOS app with your drink.

Those of you who opt for the Venti sized drinks will also get a card with a code allowing you to download an iOS app for free.  It’s not any old application but a set app per week.

This week it’s the turn of Shazam Encore which would set you back $5.99 in the states.

According to sources this officially starts on the 23rd August but we aren’t sure if this will apply to the UK.  If you are in the uk please let us know your findings.

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