MasterCard is going all out for the next few mondays to really promote Apple Pay. For the next few weeks Apple Pay and MasterCard customers can ride public transportation for free if they use Apple pay to ride. Called fare Mondays the MasterCard scheme asks the people pay for their tube, rail or bus journey using their MasterCard on Apple Pay.

Although they will be charged for the journey the money will be refunded within 28 days up to a maximum value of £27.90 or roughly $42 US per MasterCard holder.

More information is available through MasterCard’s UK site

Doesn’t this seem a bit more useful than Visa and their weightlifting adverts?

From my own real world dealings of the underground it can be a bit daunting going up to the London underground and using Apple pay for the first time, especially if it’s busy so.

Before you even start to make your way underground make sure your default Apple Pay card is ready.

Remember you have 60 seconds from the time you double-click to start Apple Pay to use it before you time out. It’s best to get things ready before you hit the turnstiles, you know what underground travellers are like.

Remember to check out as well. The same rules apply for oyster cards as they do for Apple pay on underground transport for London Journeys.

Finally you might want to check that you have plenty of battery life in your iOS device before you set off or carry around some other change. Tech might be brilliant and an awesome thing when it works, but to work it still requires some battery life.

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