HP is making a new move in a smart watch space though whether you’ll ever see one is kind of a mystery. HP has inked a deal with Titan the fifth largest watchmaker in the world. You know if Apple ever gets around to saying how many Apple watches it sells that list could change.

According to the report Titan sells about 15 million watches per year. Has Apple sold that many that seems unlikely but there’s really no way to know.

Will it sell that many next year that seems more likely but will Apple be in the habit of telling us by then? Check back with me next year if you’ve not heard of Titan there’s a good chance you don’t live in India. Acutally if you can can hear these words is a good chance you don’t live in India and juding by the google stats this website isn’t that big in india, but Titan is.

The piece says HP and Titan aren’t saying much about what’s up their sleeve only that HP will do the hardware and software while Titan does the design and manufacturing.

One assumes then that the hardware HP will handle will be the smart guts part of the smart watch. Why would HP go with a watchmaker the name of which a lot of the planet is not? Well to my way of thinking whats bad about getting started in India? On top of that though the piece says even if only a fraction of its future sales are smart watches engineered by HP suddenly gets many more sales under its belt and the club to forge other smart watch alliances.

If this pans out does the piece HP may become a mainstay of the wearable world rather than a bit player.

Ah HP. You never did move on from those tape drives quick enough. Actually I worked at the HP site in Bristol which churned out 1000’s of tape drives.

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