If the point of frustration for Apple watchers and would be Apple watch watchers Cupertino company will not say how many of its wearables it sold since they went on sale last April.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it nature bores a vacuum in the tech press and investors doubly so and so people are left to guess and we hope that its somehow educated guessing.

Enter the research firm and market tracker Canalys. MacWorld has Canalys analysts estimating that Apple sold 7 million Apple watches in the first six months of availability. If the firm is correct or even close to correct and it’s numbers that puts apples answer to time a late years of the competition.

According to the report Canalys claims that no other smart watchmakers shipped more than 300,000 units last quarter the firm specifically calls out pebble as having shipped a mere 200,000 watches though in fairness the company struggled with manufacturing issues as a try to fulfill kick starter orders.

Sales of Samsung’s gear watches of also slowed out of the markedly improved GearS2 while Canalys didn’t provide specifics on android where the firm previously noted that 720,000 watches running Google software shipped in all of 2014

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