Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper, takes a trip into a microsoft store in the guise of not being an iPad owner (and software developer). The store tactics are what I’d come to expect if John Browett were running those outlets. Some of my favourite spots are:

A man walks into a microsoft store and a salesman jumps on him

The first thing he had me do was detach and reattach the keyboard cover. Click. He sold the keyboard cover hard. “Nobody else has a cover like this.”

Then with another salesman.

He kept showing me the home screen and how to rearrange my icons, even though I kept wanting to explore the apps.

When asked why doesn’t the surface have 3g..

I asked about 3G options, which the Surface doesn’t have. He said it would restrict me from being able to use it anywhere (?), so I pushed a little further, and he said nobody wants two bills and you can just use tethering and why mess with the pesky 3G connection?

One of my favourite bits which almost sums up a cluelessness of not interfering with the customer flow in a store (are you reading this John Browett)

ms surface4 600x337 A Trip To A Microsoft Store, The Hardsell is Back
An employee was stationed by these big letters on the floor to instruct people to exit to the left, rather than stepping over them. I’ve never been given instructions on how to exit “other stores”.

Go read the full article here. There doesn’t appear to be any Apple bias from what I can read. Marco Arment

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