Well it’s here, Apple’s own mini iPad complete with 4g capability that you can use in the UK, well as long as you live in an area covered.  So what deal gives you the best data for your money.  We look at all the major providers and work out how much an iPad Data plan will cost you over the contract length.

Of course no article like this can start without the obligatory, check your coverage before purchasing

Three nano sim offerings

After recently being ousted from the UK’s biggest 3g network, Three still offer overall the most competitive data plans for iPads and including the iPad mini.  FYI hunting these little buggers out on all the website’s is a task and a half.  Hopefully things will get easier now the iPad mini is out.

Three Monthly Length Data
Nano Sim £7.5 1 month 1GB
Nano Sim £15 1 month 15GB

In fact if anyone can help track down nano sim plans from the major providers please drop us a line,

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