iPhone 5 Back About that iPhone 5 Design Leak

Does anyone else think that the band on the back (it’s darker that in the screen grab) looks awful, not in keeping with Apple design aesthetics or is that just me?

The design isn’t without it’s controversy much like all Apple designs.  How many readers have shelled out for doc connectors and chargers, none of which look like are going to work with the new iPhone?  Makes you wonder if it’s going to charging / synch only meaning a reliance on the Apple TV.  If you think about that, Apple TV isn’t that much more than some HDMI cables we’ve seen come out recently.

Headphones on the bottom.

All upside down face it seems.  Having the dock cable and headphones at the bottom makes sense for some and not others.  Headphones at the top mean you pull the iPhone out of your pocket the right way up.  Are we also due for some replacement headphones with the iPhone 5.

With the Micro sim format now ratified and accepted you can wonder if Apple was going to use the new standard with or without permission.

I don’t see Apple replacing the home button with something touch based as the home button is almost as well recognised as the Apple logo.

The bottom of the iPhone 5 sure is looking to get cramped.  Let’s hope there enough structural engineering to make it all work.

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