Well it was bound to happen, with only a week to go till WWDC rumor mills have started going into overdrive.  This time all the hubub is abouta purported leaked inventory list highlighting that new Mac’s are on the way.

The behomoth Apple Mac Pro towers last received a fresh way back in 2010 so it’s more than overdue for an update.  Many have speculated Apple might kill off this range to focus on their slimer laptop offerings.

Supposedly on this leak the model numbers for some new hardware are


These point towards a Mac Pro refresh and aimed for Australian territories.  Right after Tim Cook emphasies “doubling down on secrecy” another spec sheet suggests Ivy Bridge and a sleeker Macbook Pro.  Expect to see the MacBook Air get a slight refresh but don’t go holding your breath for retina displays just yet.

True of false, there’s only a week till we all get to find out whats going on and then start up new rumours about the iPhone 5 🙂

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