Lets talk about the iPad.  Tim Cook’s back on stage “Each time we get together there is a new figure to show the growth and momentum.  2 weeks ago Apple sold its 100th million iPad.”

That’s over 2.5 years remember this category didn’t exist just 2.5th.  More iPads sold in the June Quarter than ANY pc manufacturer in that time line. Back onto the stage is Phil Schiller..

4th Generation iPad Specifications

What we have here is the new, new iPad which doubles the performance of the last gen (new) iPad.  Thankfully all that extra processing power and the 4 in built gpu means that pixels really get pushed around something special

  • New A6X Chip doubling graphics and cpu
  • Next generation Image Signal Processor
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Facetime HD on the front of the iPad
  • Expanded LTE
  • 2 x Wifi a/b/g/n 5ghz
  • Lightning Connector
  • USB and SD to Lightning Connector
  • Lightning Connector to HDMI and VGA
  • Black and white

16gb wifi starts at $99

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