It’s thin and beautiful, introducing the new iPad Mini. Up on stage is Phil Schiller with the iPad mini and it looks good Not just a shrunken down iPad but something made with ideas and engineering genius…

The iPad Mini Specifications

  • Display size of 7.9” (9.7” on the iPad 2)
  • 1024-by-768 resolution at 163 pixels per inch (ppi))
  • 7.2mm thinner , 23% thinner
  • .68 lbs (68% lighter than the iPad)
  • Black and white colors
  • Wifi only

Phil Schiller is on about the iPad mini and it’s competitors, well when you say competitior it’s basically the Google Nexus 7.

The iPad Mini vs Nexus 7

iPad mini is made of aluminum, Nexus 7 is made from plastic and thicker and heavier than the iPad mini despite the Nexus having a smaller display.

iPad Mini Nexus 7
Display 7” 7.9”
Viewable 21.9 29.6

Next up is a lot of fuss about TRUE table applications vs mobile apps. On the Nexus, Yelp is a scaled up mobile app not a true tablet app. Phil’s really pushing the difference between experiences here with the 2 tables. Trip advisor is great on the mini, sucks on the nexus etc etc and really hammering home about the eco system.

More iPad mini specifications

Dual Core A5 Chip
FaceTime HD frontside Camera
5mp iSight Camera
LTE Wireless (same as 4th Generation Wireless)
Wifi (same as ipAd 3
Lightning Connector
10 hour battery life
Largest and thinnest battery

Theres aren’t just scaled up mobile apps, these are full apps that take full advantage of teh iPad mini.

If you took the bigger iPad and reduced it all you’d be aware of is what is missing. Apple took the time to do something with the creation of and not the reduction of the mini. The borers are smaller and the uni body process has been further developed. New smart cover for the ipad mini, effective it’s wrapping the iPad mini in a single color material

How much does the iPad mini cost?

The iPad Mini Prices 600x334 Its Official. The iPad Mini : 7.9” (its a smaller iPad 2 it seems)

Starts at 16gb wifi models $329, 32gb = $429 and 64gb = $529 lowest priced iPad.

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