The news starts with the usual Mac VS PC market share.  The Mac outgrew pc market by 7 times and has been outgrowing pc market for 6 years straight.  Apple sure is mightily pleased with the momentum of the mac but aren’t standing still and are going to continue to innovate.  Phil Shiller (shelf filler) steps onto the stage.  

The number one selling macbook is the 13” macbook pro, customers love it becauseof the power and small size.  In typical apple fashion they take their best product and make something better.

20% thinner, a full 1/5
3.56lbs, 1lb lighter than the previous generation
Lightest Macbook pro ever
Retina Display
2560 * 1600 (4.096.000 pixels, 2nd highest resolution notebook computer)
Magsafe 2
2 x thunderbolt
2 x usb 3
SD card reader
Intel HD Graphics 4000
7hours battery life
New Macbook Pro Pricing

2.5GBH dual core I5
8gb Ram

128Gb flash


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