Best all in one computer in the industry, aparently number 1 desktop system in the US.  Many think of it as the flag ship.  It started back in 1998 with the bondai blue iMac.  Featured the focus on design and Apple’s relentless push forward, as far as technology allows.

iMac Next Generation Specifications

Man alive they were covering this at breakneck speed.  So here’s what I managed to catch during the live event.  Well the optical drive is gone, that’s going to irritate some but it looks so much better for it.

the iMac Next Generation has the following connectors

Headphone and Microphone still there 😉
1 x SD card reader
4 x USB
2 x Thunderbolt connectors
Gigabit ethernet

new imac internals 600x334 Apple Special Event  The Next Generation iMac   Crikey it’s thin!

  • 5mm Edge, 80% thinner than the previous generation, extend entire length
  • Made with friction stir welding processes
  • Optical drive is gone
  • Displays : ips panels, full lamination design, 75% less reflective
 New iMac Display 600x336 Apple Special Event  The Next Generation iMac   Crikey it’s thin!

Apple Fusion Drive

OS fits on the flash and Apps pre installed fits on the flash drive.  Other Apps and documents get stored onto the HDD.  Its optimizing so the most recently used apps get automatically moved onto the flash partition.

128gb Flash storage
1tb or 3TB hdd
Fused together into a single volume
Works automatically in mountain Lion

Performance wise it’s on a par with a flash drive

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