Turns out that someone pressed the button a touch too early on apples website, momentarily leaking the AppleCare+ pricing

Apparently, AppleCare+ for the aluminum-built, entry-level Apple Watch Sport will cost users $59 dollars only, and the warranty on the wearable will be extended to two years from the time of purchase.

Quite what’s covered in AppleCare+ is still unknown and will it have the same restriction for accidental damage like iPhones and iPads presently do.

Meanwhile, the mid-tier stainless steel model Apple Watch with the sport band will set users back $79, and the warranty on this wearable will be extended to two years from the time of purchase, akin to the Apple Watch Sport.

It is interesting that the screenshots also mention the band type as well

, and it’s unclear at this point whether the strap of choice makes a difference in the price of AppleCare+ or not.

The gold-plated Apple Watch Edition costs as high as $17,000, and hence the price of extended coverage for this particular wearable comes down to a whopping $999. Again, this price is cited for the watch with a midnight blue leather band. $999 will get your warranty extended by three years from the time of purchase.

IMG 5497 Apple watch AppleCare prices revealed. Starting from £79

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