Thanks to the power of the internet (and various International time zones) Apple’s Black Friday deals are starting to be revealed. Granted Apple products will still sell without any discount but it’s still nice to grab a saving, no matter how small it might be in the grand scheme of things.

Reports are coming in that it all seems to be starting in Australia and New Zealand forums in those respective countries already buzzing about Apple’s Black Friday deals.

So far the discount in Australia are:

$41 off the iPad with Retina display
$32 off the iPad 2
$31 of the iPod touch (the new one)
$25 off the fourth generation iPod
$11 off the iPod nano

We’ll keep you updated as and when we get more information on any Apple products in a Black Friday sale. if you spot any deals please contact us via the Yell Us! Link at the top of this website.

Black Friday deals have gone live in the UK.

£31 off the new iPad
£21 off the iPad 2
£21 off the iPod
£15 of the iPod touch fourth generation
£11 off the iPod nano
£81 of the MacBook Pro with retina display
£81 of the MacBook Pro
£81 off the MacBook air

AirPort Express Base Station Now £68.00
Was £79.00 – Save £11.00

AirPort Extreme Base Station now £124.00
Was £139.00 – Save £15.00

Time Capsule now From £228.00
Was £249.00 – Save £21.00

and the list goes on. Check out the Apple website for more information

1353633405 Apple’s 2012 Black Friday Sales

1353633478 Apple’s 2012 Black Friday Sales

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