EssentialMac’s annonymous (for now) Android user is back and this time trying out Google Play’s new music offering. How does it work in real life without Googles own reality distortion field?

Growing up I wasn’t really into much tv as I lived with a big family I didn’t get to watch my own programmes that often…this didn’t matter as I was very much into music. I always wanted the new gadgets, I had a tape player, then a cd player…I even tried the mini disc…so when new technology came out which gave me music from my phone, you could say I was like a kid at Christmas!! So when scouting through the android play store I came across this week’s editors choice, this was google play music…now I don’t illegally get music…but I do always look for freebies or watch things on you tube as I don’t always have the money to buy New music all the time.

So when looking through the description, from what I could see, google play music had everything I wanted in a music app, music you could pay for, your music from your phone and free music all in one place, handy for a music buff like me.

Is google play really all that…in a nutshell no. If I want to buy new music through google play I am taken from the app to the android play store, I have yet to find any free music which is current, so I just use you tube and what’s the point of having my music on google play when I already have a music function on my phone, all I’m doing is wasting the gb left on my phone which could be used for other apps.

So is google play really any good?? No, I now have songs on my phone twice which is a waste of memory and I have an app which I don’t see the point of as I already have all the functions on my phone…

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