With Apple’s Reuse and Recycling program you could get up to £230 of store credit for your iPhone from Apple stores in the UK.  Reuse and Recycling let’s you swap in your old Apple tech in exchange for store credit and it’s not just limited to iPhones.

Apple Reuse And Recycling Trade In Program Apples Reuse And Recycling Could Give You £230 for your iPhone

If you wanted to trade in your iPhone 5, with a box, power cable and fully working display you would net yourself £230 of in store credit.

It’s not just limited to iPhones, Desktops, Notebooks and iPads can be swapped in.  For my iPad 3 in good condition Apple offered me £195 which isn’t that bad considering the price I paid for it.

Grab your evaluation at the Apple Reuse And Recycling Page.


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