You know that funky parallax effect you get on your wallpaper on with the iPhone 5s? Well you can now create your own and a lot more with Seene. Open up Seene, find an object with green dots and away you go.

Ok, so it’s not quite as simple as in the opening paragraph and it takes a good eye, a steady hand along with an object that has plenty of “green dots”. Normally this means a non black, reflective objects on a distinctive background and a steady hand to capture your Seene.

1381826658 Seene Lets You Create 3d Images From Photos Using Your iPhone
1381826486 Seene Lets You Create 3d Images From Photos Using Your iPhone

Taking your Seene is a simple process where using the camera and clever wizardry within the app you pan across an object in 4 axis to get your seene. For the best results I found moving around the object and then coming back into the centre of my chosen target gave better images. In other words get the thought of panning around an object out of your mind, you move around it as if you were trying to peek over and to the sides.

So after 5 minutes of testing this is my result. Alas Seene won’t handle horizontal videos.

How this differs from Adobe’s 123D Catch is where you take a video in real time instead of capturing 40 photographs to make up the 3d render making getting a result a lot quicker.

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