Ever wondered what the inside of the new Apple Mac Pro looks like and how they get all that tech into to such a small size?  Wonder no more as Other World Computing took a Mac Pro apart, stripped it to the very core, and shared the pics on their site.

It does make me wonder that with how long the “PC” has been in it’s current format whey they really haven’t gotten smaller but still able to keep some semblance of power. Back in the days when I used to built HTPC’s there were always trade off, now that I think on it all due to stock parts. Even the smallest things like screws on top of a cooler for a low height case (omaura TF5).

Granted you can get an Intel NUC style box that performs well as a HTPC unit but just about adequately for gaming. Sure the price point is miles apart yet what Apple has done is show how stagnant and unimaginative PC builders have become.

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