Mountain Lion Do Not Disturb Mountain Lion Do Not Disturb Feature = Desktop PeaceWe all know what it’s like at times, the phone never seems to stop ringing, the door always need answering, customers need serving and the e-mail stream never seems to end. All you want to do is finish the task that you started but there is a never ending list of distractions.

Mountain Lion aims to combat this, well at least on the desktop, with its “Do Not Disturb” feature. Do not disturb it is a simple switch in the notification sensor that turns off all these notifications that keep popping up. You’ll know you’re getting a little bit of desktop peace and is your Mac will display a little moon symbol in the top bar and you’ll be left to get on with what you want to do.

Of course you can do this in growl but even when paused the little paw icon flashes away in the tab bar. Not so much that it’s a major distraction but a distraction nonetheless.

We’ll have more Mountain Lion coverage as the release date gets ever closer.

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