Steve jobs may have coined the phrase if you need a stylus you’ve blown it yet there are times when having the precision of what is technically a glorified pointy stick can be missed. To make life easier for the budding artists out there nomad released the Nomad Compose, an interchangeable, dual tip stylus that you can customise.

20120506 180837 Reviewed : Nomad Brush Compose   Its more than a stylus for the iPad (or tablet)

The packaging looks like something straight out of what you would find on your scarily posh lady friends make up table.  These friends are normally called Tallulah or Layla have worked in a make up in a department store or just generally take a great deal with their make-up.  I’ve been reliably informed that it’s similar in looking to a foundation brush.   One friend upon seeing the red Nomad Brush compose immediately wanted to use it to re apply foundation (sigh)

iphone 20120503183522 3 Reviewed : Nomad Brush Compose   Its more than a stylus for the iPad (or tablet)Bristling with anticipation.*

Not being an artist and not entirely sure what makes a good brush but being an iPod user it evident that the soft bristles aren’t even going to remotely scratch the screen on your iPod. It took only a few moments to get used to how much pressure to use with the nomad brush and never found myself worrying about about an overenthusiastic stab at the screen. There is plenty of rubber to protect the screen against the stem of the brush.

iphone 20120503183522 1 Reviewed : Nomad Brush Compose   Its more than a stylus for the iPad (or tablet)The obvious candidates to test a brush with is iPhoto and although I’ve had very limited exposure to using iPhoto I found that the brush strokes were representative of the movements of the brush as you would expect.

There was an unexpected side-effect of using the nomad brush compose. I find myself revisiting old photos that I’d shot on my iPhone and going in and just generally messing about with them in iPhoto. Something that I wouldn’t have done before as I always felt you never quite got the precision needed by, and pardon the pun, fingering away at your pictures on the iPad.


There’s no doubt that this is a dramatic improvements for those of you out there that use iPhoto or any similar programs. Perhaps would have liked one more tip that was in between the 2 already supplied but that’s about the only downside I can find.

If you’re the type that just like the muck around with your pictures all more the sort of person who likes to spend the time to create an touch up then the nomad brush compose is heartily recommend

*pardon for the pun. Honestly couldn’t resist.

NomadBrush Header Reviewed : Nomad Brush Compose   Its more than a stylus for the iPad (or tablet)

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