What do you do when you run out of Lions?  You either call your new OS, OS X Sea Lion or you go with the spirit of culture and change to what inspires you.  Introducing OS X Mavericks

Mac OS X Mavericks WWDC 2013.  Lion Goes Extinct.  Now its Mac OS X Mavericks

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You can create tags & assets to that target. So if you were to create a tag cloud website you can click on that target and then drag all your files onto that tag.


Multiple displays.


With multiple displays you can knows the track from one window to another but now on the second display can also have the menu bar relevance and application. If you want to open up on the second display, simply click finder and then click the annual open up on that second display.


If you go full screen you can then swipe spaces on individual monitors. You can have different full-screen apps on different displays and can still swipe between your individual spaces.


* Mission control has been supercharged.


You can drag windows from within mission in control from one monitor to another, you can also drag a full-screen app right across displays.  


Apple TV makes your hitch DC is a an independent monitor. So what you can do with the new version of OS X Mavericks is connect to the Apple TV and within spaces it shows up as a third screen. And once again you will have the full menu bar and dog available on your HDTV via the Apple TV. Suddenly the Apple TV has just got a whole lot better..


Advanced technologies in OS X Mavericks.


People on the go one great responsiveness but also great battery life the two of which are in obviously direct conflict with each other. Mavericks introduce a whole host of technologies to address that challenge. Mavericks features compress memory to make sure you have the optimum amount of memory available at any time.


Technologies like App Nap that actually make sure you use all power is directed only to those applications that need.


Timer coalescing.


The real’s factor that software has its influence over is CPU activity which has an impact on its draw on power. In activity monitor if you look at what your system is doing any one time what you’re saying is if you look under the herd is not a smooth line but actually hundreds of interrupts when system is going from a power efficient sleep state, up to a state of high power use and then back down and all those transitions obviously consume a lot of power.


In OS X Mavericks all those lines are intelligently aligned reduces the number of transitions. When used in the right way this can result in up to 72% less CPU activity.




In the last decade the OSX Safari has tried its best to become one of the more easier browsers to use Safari tries to provide an elegance browsing experience along would be one of the most innovative.


Safari now supports reading lists in the sidebar which also has an infinite scroll feature moving from article 2 article without ever having to click. Also on the sidebar is a great new feature called shared links we see all of the links shared by people that you’re following on Twitter and LinkedIn.


In addition to these and several other use improvements there’s an awful lot going underneath the herd of Safari big improvement in JavaScript’s, a full process per tab architecture, shared memory resorts cash, and a whole bunch of big power savings as well.


If you take a synthetic benchmarks such as sun spider JavaScript you’ll see how Safari fares against the competition. Researchers have recently started looking more at real-world usage by something the JavaScript that actually occurs on sites like the Google homepage, Facebook, Amazon.com and if you are to measure the performance of Safari in JS bench you will see that apparently it will come out miles ahead.


Safari is also had a radical makeover in the way of memory usage which lets you browse more tabs with more of your system 


“Safari users way less more CP energy than crime aware compared to Firefox is just sad”


App Nap Demonstration


One particular demonstrations firing was running an animation running at 60 frames per second along with the activity monitor in the bottom right-hand corner. CP was about 60% in use. With App Nap now programs that cover the background will take focus. In this demonstration bringing iTunes over the front of Safari and hiding the entire windo saw the CPU usage drop significantly. Moving the iTunes window slightly out of the way to reveal Safari brought the CPU usage backup to what it was before. Cover it back up and the power goes right down.




You are in place of tweets from within the education.

Answer based on calls from within notifications.

Receive push notifications when your Mac in an iPhone style.

You if you have a book then you will receive all your notifications on the lock screen without actually having to login and even better background downloading of applications which need updates see don’t have to do it yourself.




“Absolutely no codes were hurt in the making of this virtual calendar. We’re going to be adding that want to environmental checklist”


Facebook events can also be automatically to your Mac calendar and is a great new inspector that even aware of things like location,  travel time and whether




The maps team has been making great improvement to the data for maps and Mac users are going to benefit with this fantastic new maps app. You have your normal street map view your 3-D view, beautiful flyover data, search for points of interest great info cards, turn by turn directions and what could prove to be a great addition we have a root set up on your Mac and now it’s time to go you click a button at the top of maps and you can send it directly to your iPhone. It will appear right on your lock screen on your phone.


When you unlock your phone it will take you straight into the maps application.


Apple have also opened up the developer SDK to add mapping to developers applications as well.


IBooks comes to the Mac to may have access to the full library of 1.8 million books in the iBookstore your full library from your iOS devices will be available right on your Mac. It also has pulled iBooks textbooks and those interactive based books as well.

Mavericks is expected to group being released this fall

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