The whole Mac Book air range gets an overhaul with all day battery life, improved wifi and the Haswel chipset (nice timing there intel announcing that one) These new MacBook Air is deliver the most important feature that we’ve always wanted in a portable device,  All day battery life thanks to a combination of a better cpu and OS X Mavericks.

Featuring a hardware upgrade and a half The MacBook Air is based on a new, fourth-generation CPU supplied by Intel otherwise known as Haswell.  if you aren’t familiar with Haswell ULT this is the part that’ll be of interest to you.

Key Haswell UTL Features

  • Designed for power savings.
  • More energy efficient CPUs.
  • Two times GPU execution units.
  • Up to 40% faster graphics.
  • Smarter low-power states.
What Apple are trying to convince us is that they could run it at half the clock speed but still achieve up to 40% faster graphics.
 The new Batman book a range is promising to wake up from standby in one seconds, be on standby for up to 30 days but the biggest benefit is battery life.
Here’s the current standby times of the 11 inch and 13 inch MacBook Air is.
The 11 inch MacBook is going to go from five hours of battery life to an incredible nine hours of battery life. And if you like that with the 18 inch MacBook Air goes from seven hours of battery life to 12 hours of battery life. True, all-day battery life!
Up to 10 hours of iTunes movie playback.
This means you could watch the entire trilogy of the Lord of the rings.
The MacBook Air is based entirely on flash making this current generation up to 45% faster than its previous ancestors Wi-Fi is faster to with the new 802.11ac standard.
This gives you up to 3 times performance of 82.11 N at the same distance but the way to get that of course is that your MacBook air to talk to a base station that supports 802.11ac .
 announcing the new range of AirPort Express base stations.
 airport extreme.  are very small unit coming in at just 4 inches wide but extruded 6 1/2 inches tall to get better signal coverage. This extended sign means is also room for an airport Time Capsule..
3-stream 802.11ac wifi.
Simultaneous dual band.
Beamforming antenna array.
2 TB or 3 TB hard drives.
Beamforming. It even sounds cool
beam forming can send more energy directly to an 802.11ac  device to increase throughput performance.