Wow, just wow.  The new Mac Pro from first looks, LOOKs an amazing bit of kit in terms of power and form factor.  Apple can’t innovate any more, My ass.  This just goes to show how lack lustre the PC industry has been in terms of design.  Now let’s hope the Mac Pro delivers

Video editors, photographers, graphic designers count on product that Apple make. The Mac Pro is really important on delivering that promise. Apple didnt want to just make another same old version coming up with the same desktop idea that everyone’s had. Like with the MacBook Air Apple’s engineering team spent quite a bit of time thinking about the technology available today in what could be possible for the future of the pro desktop. What could be a new form factor, a new desktop with capabilities for another 10 years.

 Apple’s engineering team have come up with something truly revolutionary, actually radical and this product is so cool Apple are going to go over the top and give it a grand into junction unlike any introduction they’ve ever done before.
 first glimpses of the new generation of Mac Pro.

 “can’t innovate any more, my ass”

 the green swagger about Phil as he announces the new MacBook Pro as if really sticking a middle finger up to everyone he says Apple can innovate any more.
 this is a machine unlike Apple has ever built before both inside and out.
The processor graphics memory, storage are all built around a new unified removable call, it even sounds cool!
The fastest CPU developer into an Apple product, the fastest ECC memory developer into an Apple product. Internal storage is based on Flash, but not any old flash new PC i.e. based flash.
Or expansion is external Via Thunderbolt 2
You can add new expansion chassis is, storage arrays, over the brand-new announced and cannily timed thunderbolt two. Thunderbolt 2 no support is 20 GB throughput, six devices per port and is also backwards compatible
 the new MacBook Pro graphics.
This is the place where the Apple team really have gone into overdrive and have done something that they’ve never done before. This is the first Mac ever that comes with dual workstation GPU’s. 4090 16 processors, 384 bit memory buses, 520  Gigabytes per second total bandwidth.
 for those of you that use open Ciel for your apps, and you know you should you now have at your availability 7.2 Tflop of processing power.
4K display support. New generation video. Multiple streams, supported on every port, three simultaneous displays.
You can have up to 3 x 4K displays running on the built-in graphics.
 The Apple team is also hard at work on a version of Final Cut Pro will support all these raw graphics and processing power. It is a market unlike Apple has ever made it delivers so much more performance capabilities and expansion then Apple have ever made before and when compared to the previous generation of Mac Pros have a look at how small it is.
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All this and is designed by the engineers in California and, get this, will be assembled in the USA.
n’t their hands on the fastest, most expandable Mac